Dynamic office furnishings and furniture that promotes movement describe the core business of Sedus Stoll AG. In order to communicate new products, development progress or general company information in a professional and targeted manner, it was an important concern for the full-range supplier for office furnishings in 2013 to support the existing press work in a targeted manner with PR software. This decision led Sedus Stoll without much of a detour to PressFile with its matching software solution. Since implementation, PressFile has simplified and accelerated communication with the trade and business press – in different languages. The cloud-based CRM application enables internal and external employees to quickly access existing databases.


PressFile software simplifies the previous processes in the

PR and public relations

Joachim Sparenberg worked as Head of Communications at Sedus Stoll for almost two decades and has been responsible for international press relations since 2014. Sparenberg remembers press relations at Sedus even before using PressFile: “At that time, we entered different contacts and created distribution lists in ‘Word’ – a very time-consuming process – but never as finely selected as we do today. This process was very cumbersome. At that time, only the sales department at Sedus had access to a CRM application as a customer database. We wanted something similar to make PR organization easier, but with specific functions tailored to PR and public relations. PressFile meets exactly these requirements,” continues Sparenberg. “After a short training period and with PressFile’s expert support, I quickly learned how to use the software.” Sparenberg uses the PR solution today mainly for personalized e-mail mailings, for contact data maintenance or creation of finely selected distribution lists. The web-based PR application ensures smooth processing of basic PR tasks. “PressFile saves me a lot of time because the software makes complicated processes much simpler,” Sparenberg explains.


Web-based PR CRM solution

Sedus Stoll operates in over 70 countries and is therefore dependent on a web-based PR solution. PressFile supports or facilitates collaboration across multiple countries and languages. “With PR software, distribution lists can be created in multiple languages and used with other colleagues across countries,” Sparenberg points out. “Unlike in the past, PressFile allows additional information to be added directly to the database, such as publisher, Web links, or media type,” Sparenberg added. PressFile is used specifically for Sedus’ PR and public relations work to address journalists and editors. Due to the different interests of the target groups, the fine-tuning of the distribution lists is of particular importance. in the foreground: “For example, we use a different distribution list for the business press, which is naturally more interested in figures, data and facts, than for the trade journalists, who are mostly interested in our products and services. With PressFile’s PR application, we can send out press releases very easily and in a target group-specific manner,” Sparenberg explains his approach.


With PressFile to a valuable database

“The be-all and end-all in dealing with the PR software is proper organization and maintenance, because the better the contact data or distribution lists are maintained, the more valuable the database becomes for international press relations,” Sparenberg says about using the software. If difficult questions do arise, Sparenberg contacts the PressFile team directly. According to the experience of the external PR consultant, customer service is fast, efficient and targeted. “I work with PressFile almost daily and am extremely satisfied. The software offers a high benefit for press work and is also very user-friendly,” continues Sparenberg.

Would you recommend PressFile to a friend?

But of course! PressFile is a special CRM software that is precisely tailored to the needs of press departments or press agencies. Structure and content are programmed accordingly so that all communication channels between sender and receiver find each other optimally,” says Sparenberg.

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Sedus Stoll AG:
Sedus Stoll AG, based in Dogern (Waldshut district), is one of the leading full-range suppliers of office furniture and workplace concepts. Sedus develops, produces and sells high-quality furniture “Made in Germany”. As an established brand, Sedus is represented by nine subsidiaries in Europe and Dubai and is present in over 70 countries worldwide. As an office furniture expert and technology pioneer, Sedus has repeatedly set standards in its over 145-year company history – especially in the areas of ergonomics, design and sustainability. In the process, standards have been developed that have achieved global significance. Sedus is synonymous with innovation, technology and aesthetics and continues to enrich the “office living environment” with new product ideas and contemporary concepts. Sedus is paying particular attention to current trends and changes in the office world. New forms of work and organizational structures demand flexible, aesthetic furnishings and customized solutions that promote movement and communication. The health of employees is a particular focus. The Sedus Stoll Group closed the 2017 financial year with sales of over 191 million euros and employs around 900 people.