Compile press text, documents and images for the PressFile Newsroom in one step
The PressFile Newsroom: Simple and quick to implement
Clearly structured: The PressFile Newsroom provides a quick overview
Everything in one place in the PressFile Newsroom
The PressFile Newsroom is the central content hub for PR agencies or press departments. Whether press information, all associated images and documents, or the responsible contact person: all necessary files are provided for the PressFile Newsroom via PressFile in a single operation. The content of the press release can then be transferred to the personalized e-mail dispatch at the click of a mouse – fully formatted and including all embedded links.

Changes are also no problem. All news are documented in the PR software PressFile in a clearly arranged history. From there, you can edit, delete or add attachments, or exchange contacts and sync directly with the newsroom.


The PressFile Newsroom provides an overview. Instead of publishing the contents of the press release on one page and the images separately on a download page, as was previously the case, the newsroom software brings everything together in one news object.

This makes it possible to see at a glance how many images and documents belong to a publication. In addition, all files are also automatically provided as ZIP files. This means that editors do not have to laboriously compile the individual parts, but can download the entire information package at the click of a mouse.

The PressFile Newsroom is available free of charge to all PressFile users. This way, small agencies and press offices can save effort by making all content available online to editors, bloggers or influencers via this portal.

Using the “My Newsroom” option, it is possible at any time to set up your own newsroom for a fee – with an individual logo and color matched to the respective website. The PressFile Newsroom can continue to be used and fed in parallel in a single operation.


Based on the AMID news template, up to three additional individual newsrooms can be set up and edited directly from the PR software. PR agencies are thus able to provide their customers with their own newsrooms quickly and easily. But this option is also interesting for press departments in companies that are responsible for different subsidiaries.

The multi-newsroom option is based on an AMID News standard template, through which a new newsroom can be set up in just a few days. All that needs to be done is to insert the respective logo, static texts and the required links to the imprint or data protection pages. An individualized URL can also be implemented, analogous to the PressFile newsroom example.

Beyond this standard, the online newsroom can be further scaled. Because it is based on the “M@RS technology” of our partner mediamid. The news pages of Daimer AG and the media library of Deutsche Bahn, for example, are also based on this newsroom software.


Users of PressFile PR software include well-known companies as well as PR agencies that serve prestigious and interesting companies from a wide range of industries. This has a direct impact on the attractiveness of the online newsroom. Because good content is evaluated positively by Google, the value of the backlinks in the PressFile Newsroom also increases as a result.

In addition to the filing of clippings, the PR software offers convenient management for all media data. Whether press images, graphics or audio and video files, with AMID PR you make all your media data available online. Editors can thus easily and independently select from a wide range of media content. An image similarity search immediately returns other matching motifs that either have a comparable image structure and color space or are tagged with the same keywords. However, you can also control access via a shopping cart function.
In addition to the option of recommending images or other media content directly via e-mail, these can now also be shared or liked via social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, XING or Google+.
You have all your media data under control via a simple web browser. Using keywords, you can find the images with specific content and answer all queries with a few mouse clicks.
PR agencies can also “share” AMID PR with their clients. All that is needed is a customer-specific user with whom the customer can access “his” media files. These remain closed to other customers. A cost-effective and simple introduction to the topic of media asset management, with which AMID PR can also become a customer loyalty tool.
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