Address publishers, news agencies, clipping services: All these companies today offer solutions for press relations. The problem: Once installed, you remain tied to the respective provider. And you have no direct influence on data maintenance. This is done in the background and by forces that do not know what is important to you: Often only chief editors are recorded, an “info@” e-mail address is deposited or proven contacts are overwritten. This limits the value of the data. In addition, you are often only allowed to use them in a limited way. If you cancel the subscription, you cannot take the data with you.


PressFile ensures independence here: because only the data you actually work with is transferred to PressFile. It does not matter where this data comes from. Whether it is self-researched editorial addresses or selections from editorial databases: You determine which data is imported into PressFile and which is not. In addition, you can also manage and address your customers, suppliers, colleagues or friends of the company via PressFile at any time.

The organization of the data is also in your hands. This is because you can define your own categories using keywords and thus quickly find the desired medium even with large address lists. This is not always successful with large address providers. Because their categories must fit everyone if possible, are often not clear or the media are incorrectly assigned.