Reporting is also of central importance: because PR professionals are also measured by the results of their work. And PR agencies in particular must be able to answer their clients’ questions about their activities and campaigns at any time. All entries documented in the contact history can be evaluated according to a variety of criteria.

Not only via clipping management, into which the results of media monitoring, equivalence values or media response flow, but also, for example, which editor, blogger or other media representative was addressed when, how and with which topic.

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With PressFile you have an up-to-date overview of all activities of the entire team at any time. All entries documented in the history can be evaluated in many ways. MORE


In PressFile, you can also record additional information such as media response, reach, position and size of the article and create corresponding reports. MORE


Simply define the project, the time period and the type of publication. With a mouse click you get all PDF documents of a project compiled in one ZIP file.