Our PR software PressFile supports you efficiently in all daily work processes instead of making work for you. This allows you to focus on activities that actually add value, on content and topics, and on communicating with the media and journalists.

In addition to a well-organized contact database, PressFile also supports you in setting up differentiated press distribution lists.

All contacts, from press releases to telephone calls, can be easily documented in the contact history and can thus be transparently traced. This means that everyone in the team is always in the picture and knows what, when, who communicated with which contact.

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With PressFile you can easily create customized distribution lists based on names, addresses, keywords or other criteria.



All information about your press contacts or other multipliers is available with PressFile at the push of a button in the browser window. MORE


PressFile documents all activities with each of your contacts. All information is always up-to-date and available to the entire team. MORE


With PressFile you address each contact individually and personally. The highest value is placed on data security and data protection. MORE