Especially against the background of the European Data Protection Regulation DSGVO, it is important to manage personal data cleanly. Because in the event of an emergency, you have to prove what you communicated with whom and when. You must also comply with the request for deletion. But this only works if you are the master of your data. And should you ever no longer want to work with PressFile, you can export your data at any time and continue using it with another solution.
PressFile is not only probably the easiest PR solution in the world. With this PR software you are well prepared for the EU-DSGVO:

  • All employees work with a central and cloud-based database, across locations at the workplace, on the road or in the home office
  • PressFile works according to the “Named User” principle: This means that it is always possible to transparently trace what which employee communicated with whom and when
  • Changes to press distribution lists or the deletion of individual addressees are made centrally and thus apply immediately to all users. All of these measures can be documented in the contact history and via the allocation of keys as defined by the EU GDPR – this also applies to issued “declarations of consent”.
  • access to deleted contacts is also blocked in the backup until deletion (block on access)
  • there is no tracking of personalized emails to press representatives
  • Logging of all mail deliveries

We assume that communication in media relations is usually subject to “legitimate interest” within the meaning of the EU GDPR. This is evidenced, for example, by

  • the documentation of clippings, which are assigned to the respective editors in the clipping management of PressFile
  • the use of dedicated and targeted press distribution lists. These can be combined with others as needed with PressFile. Mass distributors are now a thing of the past.

PressFile is hosted by the business provider myLoc managed IT AG. All myLoc data centers are located in Germany and are protected by a multi-level security system. This starts with the complete fencing of the site and ends at the protection of racks and cages with an individual numerical code. In addition, myloc owns the world’s largest Lampertz safety cell. More information …