With web-based PR software like PressFile, the issue of data security plays a central role. That is why access to your database is not only encrypted and password protected. We also provide a regular backup. In addition, the data is also not stored somewhere in the cloud, but in a data center in Germany that meets all data protection and data security requirements.
A ring-shaped connection to the medium-voltage network of the local public utility company supplies the data centers’ own transformer systems and ensures the power supply from the utility company’s network even in the event of a failure of one power connection. Should a power supply failure nevertheless occur, preheated diesel generators immediately become active and supply the battery-buffered UPS systems present in each data center area with power again – thus guaranteeing the power supply to customers at all times.


    It is protected by a multi-level security system. This begins with the complete fencing of the site with S-wire and ends at the protection of racks and cages with an individual numerical code. Access to the data centers is only possible for authorized customers with access control. Unauthorized persons can only enter the data center after clearance by authorized customers.
    All relevant areas of the data center are equipped with camera surveillance with corresponding archiving of recordings. All buildings are also protected by a burglar alarm system; alarms are reported both internally and to two independent security companies via dedicated alarm lines.

    The data center also has extensive fire protection measures. A highly sensitive fire alarm system monitors both the data center and the office areas. In addition, fire detectors with suction technology are installed in the data centers, which can detect a fire even earlier. In the event of a fire, argon gas extinguishing systems immediately ensure that IT and technology are gently extinguished. Data loss due to extinguishing water is thus not possible. The local fire department is also informed immediately of a fire by a direct connection to the fire alarm system.