Press distribution lists are at the heart of the PR software PressFile
View press distribution list in PressFile


With PressFile you can easily and individually create press distribution lists, blogger lists or other distribution lists based on names, addresses, keywords, contacts, departments or other criteria. The PR software allows you to add or update distribution lists at any time. Once a press distribution list has been created, you can send personalized e-mails, draft letters, print labels or create detailed address lists to all or selected contacts on this distribution list.


The individual distribution lists are easily and quickly found using the filter or search function of the public relations software and grouped in the left column. It is possible to merge several press distribution lists – to “mix” them with each other. This allows you to create new mailing lists ad-hoc for your current press mailing. The respective selection is displayed transparently in the middle column. And you can also tactically adjust this selection: If a certain contact should not receive the news, simply mark and filter it out – the distribution lists themselves are not changed by this.

The advantage: Instead of one or two large distribution lists, you can compile your contacts in a very differentiated manner and finely structure the press distribution lists according to topic. This makes it possible to compile exactly the target group interested in the respective topic for each press release with just a few mouse clicks. In this way, you avoid wastage and do not “annoy” an editor with information that is not relevant to him.

In PressFile you manage your most valuable asset: your own contact data! The address data can come from the company’s own sources, but also from publishers such as Zimpel or Stamm, and is imported directly into the PR software. We can also provide you with editorial addresses upon request. What we do not offer is a direct interface to an external address database. Because we want you to retain control over your own data.

In this way, you also ensure more data quality. Because the maintenance is not done by anonymous clerks in the background who don’t know your target group like you do. Moreover, your data is not at risk just because an automatism synchronizes data and overwrites your information.

In the end, it’s also about “ownership” of the data. Some address providers simply “rent” editorial contact data and that of bloggers and influencers. In this way, they make their customers dependent. Because as soon as you terminate the contractual relationship, you will no longer be able to access a single press distribution list.