PressFile is easy to use. Even complex press releases to very different press distribution lists can be carried out by experienced users in just a few minutes – including documentation in the contact history. In addition, the PR software PressFile ensures transparency: All required information is available at the click of a mouse, evaluations are created with just a few entries. Practical experience has shown that the time saved per user can amount to several hours per month. Even if it is only one hour per month, PressFile pays for itself right from the start.


Many PR or e-marketing solutions have limits on the number of contacts or the amount of emails sent. If you want more, you pay more! With PressFile you can work without limits. Everything you need is included in the rent. The optional Comfort tariff even includes eight hours of support per year. If the preparation of Excel tables for data import or the (very simple) administration of the PressFile application are not an issue for you, you can save additional money with the Base tariff. Use of the PressFile Newsroom is also included free of charge for all customers. There they can publish their news or those of their customers and generate valuable backlinks.


PressFile, the AMID PR media library and the PressFile Newsroom are web-based and provided as a cloud service. The monthly rent includes all upgrades and updates. The optional Comfort tariff includes an additional eight hours of support per year

  • No effort for IT administration! We ensure the security of access and data. Installations on individual user computers are a thing of the past.
  • No investment in IT infrastructure such as servers or storage for backups. All you need is a current version of the most popular browsers.
    (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge)
  • The monthly rent is fully deductible as a business expense – no depreciation!