Topics such as sustainability, natural ingredients and corporate social responsibility (CSR) are on everyone’s lips. MuthKomm from Hamburg shows that a PR agency can also be sustainable. How does she do it? On the one hand by working with clients who share the same values, on the other hand the agency pays attention to communication work with long-term impact as well as sustainable relationships. Great importance is attached to future-oriented concepts and products. To best support the communication steps in sustainability PR, MuthKomm decided to use the PR software PressFile as distribution software.

Sustainable business with sustainability PR

The PR agency has done well in the areas of food and beverages, lifestyle and beauty, as well as packaging and tech – in both the B2B and B2C sectors. The full-service agency creates communications strategies, handles press relations and influencer relations, creates content for websites and social media channels, handles corporate publishing projects, and provides crisis communications support. Their statement is: “We bring companies, brands and products sustainably into the awareness of the target groups.”

The Allgäu family-owned company RÖSLE, which is one of the leading manufacturers of kitchen tools, cookware, grills and BBQ accessories, has attached great importance to the issue of sustainability ever since it was founded. With products made mainly of stainless steel and the associated spare parts, RÖSLE stands out from its market competitors. RÖSLE offers its customers innovative products of high quality that last a lifetime. The company has been relying on MuthKomm’s expertise in the areas of press relations and communication for years. Another customer, Metsä Board from Finland, produces cardboard packaging for various companies to reduce plastic consumption. MuthKomm also assists the Finnish manufacturer in the implementation of CSR concepts, such as the support of social projects. They also serve many traditional spirits and wine producers, whose various whiskeys and wines are of course represented in the agency’s in-house bar. In the evening, they sometimes have a drink together, but during the day they mainly discuss communication strategies with customers over a cup of tea or coffee or present new products to journalists.

Modern work with PressFile

To support the sustainable communication steps within the agency, MuthKomm already decided to use the PR software PressFile five years ago. The ease of use, cloud-based usage, as well as the clear costs were decisive factors in replacing the company’s own system with the new software. As a long-standing customer, Anna Muth particularly emphasizes: “PressFile offers us an ideal complement for modern work. After all, if you want to act sustainably yourself, you appreciate modern technology – it can help conserve other resources.” Above all, the fact that PressFile is cloud-based and all employees can also access contacts and distribution lists from their home offices provides significant added value for the Hamburg PR agency – not only in times of Corona.

The reliable in-house support of the PR software also provides a decisive advantage over other providers, who often do not offer personal contact persons. The consultants always have a quick solution ready if you have any questions about usage.

“PressFile is much more than the software we have been using every day for many years. Behind PressFile are people who support and advise us, who think along with us, whom we can always talk to.”

A personal approach is sustainable

This shows that personal customer relationships are enormously important. Which is why PressFile customers also benefit from the ability to create and send personalized individual emails within the software. A personal approach to journalists and the targeted creation of distribution lists make a positive contribution to the desired media response to the communication measures. “Depending on the issues at hand, we benefit from being able to target contacts in the dedicated mailing lists either on a customer-specific basis or even on a topic-specific basis.” Senior consultants Kristian Krüger and Nele Luxinger continue: “Press-specific functions within the PR software also minimize sources of error. This is not covered by a conventional CRM program.”

Author: Diana Mühlberger

Group photo of MuthKomm employees in front of the in-house bar. Photos by Eric Anders.