Sportiness is a top priority at Geschwister Zack PR. The agency from Gmund am Tegernsee is primarily at home in lifestyle and sports PR. Thus, the PR consultants not only represent the interests of sports brands, the six women also shine through their own fitness. The resulting and in-depth knowledge of topics such as mountain and endurance sports as well as regional recreation areas is especially important for customers in their industry. Because this enables them to identify with the brands and their products based on their own experiences. The German Alpine Club, which recommended the PR software to them, knew that PressFile could systematically support them in this.

Expertise from sports and business combined

Five years ago, founders Julia Englhart and Maria von Kirschbaum launched Geschwister Zack PR. The two sisters have always been very sporty and go in their spare time on the mountain, on the rock or on a bike. Julia Englhart brings an entrepreneurial spirit to the agency through her business studies. Maria von Kirschbaum’s broad expertise from studying sports science with a focus on media helps her communicate. All female employees benefit from the skills in the diverse tasks of sports PR. These include copywriting for the online and social media presence of clients such as Salewa, classic product communication for clients such as Dynafit, and interesting corporate publishing projects. They write press releases, seek out exciting stories from their clients, and even implement podcast concepts. In addition, event PR also plays a major role in the agency’s remit. They plan and organize press trips and days and communicate for the Munich Sports Festival, for example. PressFile is also used by the Zack siblings for event planning. Julia Englhart praises the fact that individual distribution lists can even be created for this purpose in order to keep track of invitations, acceptances and cancellations in event PR.

Dynafit, a client of the agency, manufactures high-quality products for mountain endurance sports (Source: Geschwister Zack PR)

PressFile as a customized tool for sports PR

Before switching to PressFile, the agency used Zimpel PR software. Julia Englhart compares, “Working with this program was fine, but it just doesn’t offer the targeted features that PressFile does.” For example, the agency did not want to send any mails with Zimpel, because there it is indicated in the mailings which program is used for sending. They then used the media database primarily to rent contacts from the regional sports industry, but nothing more. PressFile, on the other hand, has made press work in sports PR considerably easier for Julia Englhart for a year now: “Some processes simply run better and more straightforward now. For our agency, PressFile is a tailor-made tool for classic PR that provides exactly the right functions, which saves time in everyday work.” Sending press releases within the program and the possibility of sending a test mail to one’s own address also lends the PR software its own charm. Before that, there was a greater susceptibility to errors, because there was a fear that someone might send e-mails in CC instead of BCC, for example, which would result in a privacy problem. Such mistakes are quickly made when each mail has to be sent individually and manually. Zack PR also looked for the most professional solution here and found it with Press File.

Access all contacts online

The fact that PressFile is a cloud-based PR software is also a great advantage for them in times of Corona: “Our employees can thus access all contacts and distribution lists from the home office and continue working,” says Julia Englhart. This makes it easier to collaborate with colleagues, because the history always shows which communication steps have already been taken. Furthermore, it is easy to maintain the contact database yourself. “PressFile is not a high-maintenance, rigid tool that constantly demands help from support,” praises Julia Englhart. Siblings Zack PR would also recommend the PR software immediately. For agencies as well as companies, it is worthwhile to handle press relations in a tool that enables direct addressing of the contact persons, because personalization is absolutely important here.

Author: Diana Mühlberger