Software can be used, but you can also simply enjoy working with it. This is what power user Désirée Müller reports in her article for Blog’n’Relations about her work with our PR software PressFile. By the way, the blog was included in the top 20 German PR blogs in 2014 .


“I have to talk about a special relationship today, the one with my favorite media relations tool. It all started nine years ago when I was talking to my fellow students at depak in Berlin about managing contact data. They were all employed in press offices or agencies and worked with Excel lists. What envy I had when I explained how it works at Press’n’Relations. Because the PressFile software was already in use there at that time. For most of my fellow students, nothing has changed in the way they work to this day – fortunately for me, neither. Because PressFile is used by me every day and for me it is the most useful tool ever …”

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