Setting up and running a newsroom usually involves a great deal of effort – whether it’s programming or publishing the news on a regular basis. PR software specialist PressFile Europe remedies this situation with its new multi-newsroom option. In addition to the PressFile newsroom, which is available to all users free of charge, up to three additional individual newsrooms can now be set up on the basis of the AMID news template and edited directly from the PR software. Press releases, all associated images and documents, including the relevant contact person and their contact details, are published in parallel in the PressFile and individual newsroom in a single operation and made available for personalized mail distribution. “PR agencies are thus able to provide their customers with their own newsrooms easily and quickly. But this option is also interesting for press departments in companies that are responsible for different subsidiaries,” explains PressFile Managing Director Florian Fischer. Through the PressFile Newsroom, agencies and companies also easily increase their online reach and generate valuable backlinks for search engine optimization (SEO).

Newsroom for agency clients or subsidiaries

On the one hand, the multi-newsroom option offers an AMID News standard template, which can be used to set up a new newsroom in just a few days. All that needs to be done is to insert the respective logo, static texts and the required links to the imprint or data protection pages. An individualized URL can also be implemented, analogous to the newsroom at, for example.

Individually expandable

In addition, it is also possible at any time to realize highly individualized newsrooms on a project basis, which can also be filled via PressFile. Examples such as the Daimler Media site, the Deutsche Bahn media library, or the image service of the Catholic News Agency KNA show how such a content base can be designed. All these press portals are based on the M@rs system from Austrian PressFile partner mediamid. With AMID News, an easily configurable and thus quickly implementable subset was created on this basis, which was optimized for use as a newsroom. Use is billed via a monthly rental fee.

Publish and send news in one go

The newsrooms are filled directly via the PR software PressFile. All elements, from the headline, images and documents to the formatted text and the responsible contact person, are compiled in a single operation and then published. In the newsroom, all elements then appear clearly in a “news object”. This makes it possible to see at a glance how many images and documents belong to the message. When downloading, all files are packed into a ZIP file, so that the complete package is always available for the editors. This finally puts an end to separate web pages for “News” and “Downloads”. At the click of a mouse, the press release can then be transferred to the personalized mail dispatch to the various press distribution lists. Either fully formatted and with all backlinks as text or as a direct link to the story in the PressFile Newsroom.