10,000 publications in just under 4 years

Since 2013, Press’n’Relations has been using the AMID PR media library integrated with the PR software PressFile to store press releases, also known as clippings in technical jargon. Now, after nearly four years of online documentation, the 10,000th clipping has been uploaded to AMID PR. While AMID PR initially functioned purely as an image management platform, four years ago the Austrian manufacturer mediamid, together with PressFile Europe, developed a solution to also enable the documentation and archiving of press work. For this purpose, AMID PR was connected to the PressFile database.

Load clippings into the media library with a mouse click

Now clippings from PressFile can be synchronized with AMID PR by a mouse click.

“This additional function makes our work much easier. We now archive clippings faster and more efficiently, saving a great deal of time. We can call up the data from anywhere and prove our press successes in figures at the push of a button,” says Uwe Pagel, Managing Director of Press’n’Relations GmbH.

The figures are impressive. Press’n’Relations profiles itself as a strong partner for its customers in terms of media relations, with around 2,500 publications a year.

Simple reporting

Thanks to AMID PR, reporting is extremely quick and easy. Previously, Press’n’Relations stored clippings on the server in various customer directories and filed them analogously in the archive. Five years ago, if you wanted to measure total press success, you would have spent at least a week counting by hand. Today, this can be done at the touch of a button. In the PressFile database, all factual information, such as the medium or the editor, is linked to the publication. This meta-information is mainly relevant for customers and for evaluation purposes. PressFile can also be used to quickly create a press review. At the touch of a button, a folder can be created filtered by date, medium or editor, which can then be downloaded and sent as a ZIP file.

Press photos and more

In addition, digital content relevant to press relations is stored and managed in AMID PR. Since AMID PR, just like PressFile, is a database that can be accessed from the Internet, accessing media objects from your desk, business meeting or home office is easy. The additional setting to English saves extra work, as files can be saved simultaneously for English target media. Media objects are distributed to editors via guest access. You can easily access the provided photos, movies, graphics or PDFs and choose them individually for their publication.