“tara PR is and remains small and fine”: Under this motto, the Munich-based agency offers expertise in strategic brand PR based on journalistic editorial work. Behind it is Caroline Kämmerle-Roggmann, who has more than 20 years of experience in supporting customers such as ratiopharm, Paul Hartmann, Zeiss, Wrigley’s Extra, McDonald’s, Subway and Timberland.

The experience she had with PR software during this time was not so good. “The solutions were usually tremendously cumbersome. They were either capable of little more than pure address management or the functionality was far too extensive – for example, in the case of classic agency solutions,” she describes the problem. While searching for a simple and PR-friendly software, she finally came across PressFile.

“I immediately found myself in this PR software. Because the solution was obviously designed by people who understand PR,” explains Caroline Kämmerle-Roggmann.

Quick introduction

The introduction was correspondingly simple. The organizational adaptation of the database to tara PR’s requirements and the distribution-specific import of the existing 900 or so editorial contacts into PressFile took only a few days. The online training session, which lasted around two hours, was then carried out on the basis of the real data, after which the new solution could be used immediately.

“Because the solution is cloud-based, I can now work from anywhere, even on the road. In addition, PressFile makes my daily work much easier, whether it’s contact management, personalized mail delivery or managing publications,” reports Caroline Kämmerle-Roggmann.

Above all, the transparent presentation and clarity help it to implement its quality standards:

“I am not a mass-mailing watering-can agency, but rather cultivate direct and personal relationships with my customers and with the editors. That’s exactly what PressFile supports ideally – in contrast to the tools of the big address publishers, which are not very intuitive and rather cumbersome to use.”

About tara PR
tara PR provides public relations and brand PR for small and medium-sized companies in the healthcare/OTC/pharmacy sector. The PR radius ranges from internal communications to media relations, corporate publishing and marketing support. For this purpose, tara PR saddles existing marketing measures with customized PR measures in order to make the best possible use of synergies for the brand and the company. Caroline Kämmerle-Roggmann passed through the following PR stations: PRint (for McDonald’s), Herald Communications (for Eidos Interactive), Krauts PR (for Kappa), Heigl & Meyer (for Amazon and Wrigley’s Extra), Hansmann PR (for Timberland) and foleys (ratiopharm, Paul Hartmann, Subway Sandwiches etc.).