First comes the single, then the video, finally the promotional tour through the radio stations and then the appearances at festivals and tours: The communication process in music PR is much more complex than in other PR disciplines. The Hamburg-based label ferryhouse productions now relies on the PR software PressFile for this purpose.

Also for specific requirements

“We were almost ready to develop our own solution when we came across PressFile during our research. It allowed us to map the very specific requirements of our music communication,” says Björn Mathes, Managing Director at ferryhouse productions.

This includes, for example, a very granular distribution structure in which not only the media but also multipliers and influencers such as the numerous music bloggers have to be mapped. The media themselves are also addressed in a very differentiated manner in music PR: Albums, music videos and singles are prepared for online, radio, print and TV formats and communicated with different emphases.

“On top of that, each new publication brings new requirements. However, we were able to map all of this without any problems, as PressFile allows a very differentiated classification of each contact with its keywords – and all of this via a simple and intuitive user interface,” Björn Mathes continues.

Thus, PressFile has quickly become a central tool in the music PR process at ferryhouse.

About ferryhouse

These were difficult times for music labels when ferryhouse was founded in 2007 by media entrepreneur and artist Frank Otto. The music industry stumbled, traditional labels closed their doors, and everyone railed against the Internet. But Frank Otto had an idea. He wanted to create a focal point and home for young, aspiring artists, giving them the opportunities and time to mature as musicians. Over the years, a respectable roster has emerged. German artists like Alexander Knappe, Luca Vasta, Brixtonboogie, Irie Révoltés or Benne join international acts like The Subways, Hein Cooper or FEMME. The symbol of the ferry house was and is always more than just a strong image here. The Ferryhouse is literally a port of call for arrivals and departures.

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