With clients such as the Center for Science and Technology Transfer in Medicine and the Medical University of Graz, the PR agency Doppelpunkt takes care of important scientific topics whose complex contents the agency communicates to the public in an understandable way. In addition to the right know-how, science PR depends above all on targeted press distributors. This also applies to many clients from the business world, for whom Doppelpunkt handles communications and supports them in campaign planning, online marketing or online publishing. For many of these tasks, PressFile has become an indispensable part of everyday work and has already been used by Doppelpunkt for a year. Time to draw a first conclusion. Because the new PR software has changed a lot in the workflow of the seven-member team.

Dear smaller distributors

The Austrian agency has been communicating and designing for clients from very different industries for a little longer than ten years. The focus is on communications consulting and concept planning for clients from business and science. Especially in science PR, it is important to communicate in an understandable way and to prepare difficult contexts in such a way that they become accessible to the target group. The individual target groups often have very specific interests. “PressFile helps us a lot here, as the software enables the creation and management of distribution lists in a clear way,” says agency manager Beate Mosing. She adds, “Particularly for customers in our industry, it’s important to have smaller, very specifically compiled distribution lists at the ready in order to reach specific contacts from the individual specialist areas and enable background discussions.” PressFile allows you to create as many contact groups as you want – whether you want to contact just one person or 50.

A functional solution without a lot of frills

Even before that, Doppelpunkt was already well organized, but the self-developed Access-based system was not a permanent solution for the PR agency. Where before they worked with a database program and a contact list, PressFile now helps improve workflow by saving the team some steps. For example, the Austrian PR agency also benefits from the function that e-mails can be created directly in the application and sent to the previously defined distribution list in a personalized manner with an individual address. Because nowadays it is important to know your contacts and to pick them up with a personal salutation. The clear design of the already sent mails, which are additionally displayed in the individual contacts of a distribution list, also improves teamwork: “With PressFile, our team keeps an overview internally of communication measures that have been carried out and can thus work together efficiently,” the agency manager praises the clear design of the history.

“It’s a functional solution without a lot of bells and whistles, and what really excites me is that the support is really fast and reliable.”

Beate Mosing, Colon

Modern “look and feel

In addition to the content functions, PressFile looks much more modern compared to other solutions and is also very easy to use. It was also important to Doppelpunkt that nothing changes externally just because a new tool is used internally for press relations. The existing data could be easily integrated during the changeover, which was very uncomplicated thanks to the good support. Mailings retain their normal e-mail character and are even enhanced by personalizing the individual e-mails. It is also not apparent which tool was used to send the messages, as is the case with many other providers, because the sender can always be clearly assigned. The new, online-based software also allows experienced agency staff to access data from anywhere. With this flexibility, Doppelpunkt now shines twice and can take care of their communication activities in an even more organized way, which adds to the fun in the office.

Author: Diana Mühlberger, intern at Press’n’Relations GmbH

For more than 10 years, agency manager Beate Mosing and managing director Thomas Zenz have been designing for clients from various industries. One focus is science PR