Beauty & lifestyle PR, interior and food: these subject areas represent a part of the spectrum of the owner-managed communications agency GOSSIP+ Public Relations , which has much more up its sleeve than just pure classic PR work. Due to their orientation towards a 360° understanding of communication, the team around Managing Director Lana Al-Tawil today covers all channels from print to social media. For the past five years, the agency has relied on the cloud-based PR software PressFile for contact management. Whether it’s influencer addresses or press contacts, working without such an IT tool has become unthinkable for Lana Al-Tawil.

The optimal solution

After the Düsseldorf agency had already tried out several other software systems, Lana Al-Tawil was looking for a solution that better suited the agency’s requirements. When selecting the new PR software, the main focus was on the simple organization of contacts, combined with good service and a reasonable price. To ensure that the communications team does not have to deal with additional legal issues, it also played an important role in the selection process that the database is hosted on a server in Germany and meets all legal requirements for data protection. “We came across PressFile during a web search and took a look at a live online demo without further ado. In addition to the functionality, we were particularly impressed by the ease of use. This means that no time is lost in everyday work just because you keep having problems understanding the user guidance,” explains Lana Al-Tawil. This has significantly increased productivity in daily work and simplified contact management. Even once there were questions, the PressFile team’s quick response and dedicated service impressed Lana Al-Tawil:

“The migration from the old database to PressFile was also straightforward, and the support we received in setting up the new solution was exemplary.”

Lana Al-Tawil – Managing Director GOSSIP+
Lifestyle PR is one of the focal points of GOSSIP+.

GOSSIP+ focuses on networked communication in the areas of media, blogger, celebrity relations and events. An important component of lifestyle PR is also influencer marketing, which also runs across all media platforms. Customers are mainly from the beauty and lifestyle industry, but food and interior design are also represented. Al-Tawil’s expertise through her many years of work in beauty & lifestyle PR pays off for the agency, as it allows her to offer her clients comprehensive and highly individualized advice. Driven by passion and creativity, the team thus creates customized strategies.

A better, more efficient organization

The Düsseldorf agency uses PressFile mainly for contact and address management and for sending out press releases. The individually equipable distributors are especially helpful for customers with many different product lines. For example, beauty companies in particular often have article lines or niche products that target very different interest groups that must be addressed with very specific distributors. GOSSIP+ helps in this respect because, with PressFile as a cloud-based solution, all contacts are managed centrally and changes are immediately visible to all distributors, regardless of who edited them. This also increases data quality. Today, the GOSSIP+ team is completely satisfied with the decision they made five years ago and would not want to miss PressFile in their daily work. When asked if Lana Al-Tawil would recommend the PR software to others, she responded firmly with, “Absolutely!”

Author: Maylin Möller, Press’n’Relations