Around 7,000 roofing companies are currently members of the Central Association of the German Roofing Trade. The association has existed since 1925 and represents the professional, economic, social and cultural interests of its members at national and international level. In addition to participating in the publication of the association’s magazine “DDH Das Dachdecker-Handwerk” and the preparation of technical rules, guidelines and working instructions for the entire field of activity, the association organizes the leading industry trade fair “DACH+HOLZ international” together with Holzbau Deutschland. In addition, the central association is responsible for basic work in the areas of professional and collective bargaining policy, specialist technology, and press and marketing. Claudia Büttner is responsible for press and public relations. One task is to provide the trade press with all information relevant to the association. To accomplish this, Claudia Büttner, Head of Press and Public Relations, relies on the PR software PressFile for the association’s PR.

The PR manager at the ZVDH had already benefited from the advantages of PressFile before, as she was already using the solution at her previous employer. “It was the first PR software I came into contact with, because at the very beginning of my press work, more than 25 years ago, I was still mainly working with Excel lists,” says Claudia Büttner. With the increasing complexity of the press work, this was no longer sufficient at some point, so that an alternative solution was sought in order to be able to work faster and more simply. “We looked at various software systems, but in the end, the presentation by Florian Fischer, the Sales Manager at PressFile, as well as the price-performance ratio convinced us of this PR software. In addition, we were able to use the system immediately after the presentation and introduction,” remembers Claudia Büttner.

Association PR: fast and effective

Another advantage that made the decision to use PressFile easy is the application’s ease of use. This is because PressFile only requires Internet access and a web browser in order to work with it fully – even on the move. Claudia Büttner: “This saves a lot of time, so I can concentrate fully on my actual work.” The use of PressFile is also facilitated by the fact that all information required for the application is stored on one page and can therefore be accessed at any time. “Not to forget the extraordinarily good support from the PressFile service. Even with minor problems, we always get help quickly and without complications. That’s a definite plus,” says the division manager.

In their daily work in association PR, PressFile is indispensable. When sending press releases to different trade media as well as daily and weekly press, it pays off for them to mix or adapt the respective distribution lists from the trade, construction or architecture press according to the situation. “In this way, we ensure targeted information dispatch at all times.”

Caption: Nadja, the youth ambassador in the roofing trade
Source: ZVDH