Citius, Altius, Fortius – faster, higher, stronger: this is not only the official motto of the Olympic Games, but also not so far removed in its meaning from the leitmotif of One More Agency from Munich. Because the agency’s managing directors are also sporty. Not only because they themselves breathe the spirit of the sport, but also because large parts of their customer base do the same. But the two are not just there, they are right in the middle of it. And in order to achieve the necessary peak performance for their targeted PR consulting there, Sebastian Otto, who once “discovered the WWW with Netscape Navigator” and “still distributed large files on several floppy disks”, as well as his business partner Dennis Ehrer, who years ago “wanted to pay at the bakery with his iPhone” and “virtually came into the world as a download”, rely on the help of the cloud-based PR software PressFile. The uncomplicated solution gives them – far away from dreaded Excel lists and with exactly the right features – the necessary peace and time to deal with more important things than just distribution list maintenance.

Not simply One More Agency

One thing becomes clear when looking at the agency: One More Agency is – as the managing directors Sebastian Otto and Dennis Ehrer say themselves – not just “one more agency”. Together, they firmly believe in bringing a breath of fresh air to the sports, outdoor and lifestyle industry with their PR agency, which they founded in March last year. With this goal in mind, they serve clients who already have a clear PR and marketing strategy, as well as companies that have not yet had any contact with the world of communications. With the right tools of the trade, they write customized copywriting and take care of PR as well as maintaining the social media channels of the companies they serve. They can also build on a wealth of expertise in the fields of creator marketing, events, TikTok and podcasts.

One More Agency’s clientele includes ATK Bindings, for example. Driven by innovation and dedication to quality, the well-known manufacturer of ski bindings, especially popular among winter sports fans, pursues the goal of satisfying even the most demanding skier. As a result, the company fits just as perfectly into Sebastian Otto and Dennis Ehrer’s customer portfolio as the French e-bike manufacturer Moustache Bikes, founded in 2012, which prefers to keep cars in the garage and already sells its 65 models in 25 countries. If one looks at the further customers of the Munich PR-agency, the enterprises to be found there cover besides the sport world besides the Outdoorbranche. This area primarily includes the mountain sports outfitter Ortovox, which promises the highest possible protection on the mountain, and the Swedish transport system manufacturer Thule, whose mission is to bring its customers closer to the world.

No unnecessary features

But the larger the customer base, the more opaque the contact management. Fortunately, the search for a suitable solution that would avert the Excel list chaos did not take long. Sebastian Otto had already familiarized himself extensively with PressFile beforehand. While searching for a general solution for contact and distribution list management, the current co-managing director of One More Agency came across the software that convinced him right away: “After an intensive Internet search, PressFile finally stood out from the mass of solutions.” When he founded One More Agency with Dennis Ehrer in March 2021, working with such software was not yet necessary. The customer base was too small. But just a few months later, the two business partners, who winkingly describe themselves as “graying Gen Y members” as well as “a hair’s breadth past Gen Z,” were happy because of the experience they had already gained with the cloud-based PR tool.

Working with the software has been satisfying for Sebastian Otto and his business partner Dennis Ehrer from the beginning and to this day: “I believe that PressFile is a very good way to avoid the dreaded Excel lists, especially for small companies like One More Agency,” says Sebastian Otto. The fact that he knew exactly what he wanted and needed for his PR agency was also a decisive criterion: “PressFile is a sensible solution for being able to maintain one’s contacts and distribution lists without spending oneself financially by getting features that one doesn’t actually need. This is because the large providers in particular are rarely oriented towards small companies,” says the managing director of One More Agency, who adds that with PressFile you get “everything you need”.

Uncomplicated, short-term assistance

Also in contrast to the large providers should be the personal support that one receives at PressFile. Sebastian Otto, for example, describes the support received from the software service provider as “very straightforward” and emphasizes that it “actually always finds a solution.” As a result, the managing director never feels left alone in the event of a problem and can rely on quick help at any time: “I always have the feeling that I can call at any time. You don’t end up in some waiting loop and you get help with your concerns even at short notice. We appreciate that very much.”

Dennis Ehrer and Sebastian Otto, the managing directors of One More Agency