The time has come: The new version of our PR software PressFile has been launched. The outer appearance already signals that a lot has changed. Some of it is visible, but also “under the hood” we have worked hard

The “blue wonder

With PressFile V10 we have said goodbye to many traditional design elements. This also applies to the green, which was the dominant color throughout the application. Our new blue stands for a more airy and transparent user interface. To do this, we also got rid of the index card look and the table look and consistently eliminated lines wherever necessary or useful. The tabs have now become gently rounded buttons, and we’ve also said goodbye to corners in other respects – exceptions such as the email editor for sending confirm the rule. A brand-new set of icons is now in use as well, and old habits have been consistently cut off.

Shipping function significantly expanded

Started as a classic HTML editor, as known from many CMS solutions, the shipping window with version 10 offers a whole range of additional functions. First and foremost is the ability to save templates. This now makes it easy for press departments and agencies to set standards for sending press releases and other news items, putting an end to the proliferation of individual preferences. Instead of always saving the complete dispatch, PressFile now distinguishes between “Message” and “Dispatch”. This makes it much easier to distribute only slightly modified versions to various press distribution lists. Scheduled sending has also been enhanced: multiple attachments can now also be sent in a scheduled manner, instead of just one as before (although we still recommend avoiding sending email attachments wherever possible).

Many details improved

Export and import of press contacts or other addressees have now got their own place in the menu bar and are no longer hidden in other submenus. This also gives users direct access to the sample format and help for importing address data. Drop-down fields now facilitate the selection of selection criteria throughout all search and report windows. In addition, there is a new user role that excludes the possibility of exporting data.

PressFile V10.1 ante portas

While users have now switched to version 10 across the board and at no additional cost, we are already hard at work on version 10.1. This brings with it an exciting new feature: the PressFile newsroom. Together with our Viennese partner mediamid, we will thus not only offer the possibility of making press images, graphics, audio files or videos available in the cloud in the future. Rather, PressFile users can publish their own content here directly from the PR software or set up their own newsroom on the same basis. This means that PressFile will also become the content base for corporate communications in the future.