Contact and distribution management is much easier than it used to be, according to the verdict at well-known cosmetics manufacturer Dr. Babor GmbH & Co. KG. The Press and Public Relations department has been working with PressFile for three months now. The PR software won out over all the competing solutions in the selection phase. “The company was not aware of anything like it until then,” recalls Justine Gaetcke, Public Relations Director. “However, since we started working with PressFile, our corporate PR processes are running much more more efficient. Above all, the ability to manage contacts in the team makes work much easier.” BABOR Cosmetic uses PressFile to manage and maintain the contact details of journalistic contacts, to set up distribution lists, and to send press releases by e-mail or post. Each member of the team can use the web-based software individually. Every contact is documented for all to see. This way, the entire department is always up to date on all activities.

Cumbersome work has an end

With the introduction of PressFile, BABOR Cosmetic replaced the management of journalist data and distribution lists with Excel files.

“It is particularly practical that you can maintain contact data, compile distribution lists and also make individual mailings from a central browser window,” judges Justine Gaetcke. Another advantage she cites is the ability to flexibly access the web-based solution while on the road. “When I’m on a business trip, I always have access to all my contact information via the Internet and can even do mailings.”

Personal address

The integrated solution not only facilitates data management, but also automatically offers personalized addressing even for e-mail mailings. In addition to the respective details when sending press materials, editorial visits and even publications can be logged in PressFile. The documentation of these communication processes as well as clipping reports can be read out online or downloaded in list form.

Cloud-based corporate PR

PressFile is provided by the provider as a web solution in ASP operation (Application Service Providing) for monthly usage fees. In contrast to solutions installed on site, this eliminates the complete expense of decentralized maintenance and support. Since all functions of the PR software can be accessed via a single, clear web interface, the amount of training required at the start of use is also low. These advantages have not only convinced the corporate communications department at BABOR Cosmetic. Well-known companies such as Phoenix Solar, the Rossmann drugstore chain, Falke/Burlington or Erdgas Schwaben use PressFile as part of their classic PR work or to handle communications with customers or suppliers.

About Dr. Babor GmbH & Co. KG
BABOR Cosmetic is a traditional German company and pioneer in professional skin care. It partners with more than 100,000 beauty professionals worldwide. Since its foundation in 1956 by the biochemist Dr. Michael Babor, the company has developed into a technological pioneer and a multiple award-winning think tank for innovative precision cosmetics. The ideas are not created in a test tube, but in the minds of experts – BABOR Cosmetic works closely with dermatologists, geneticists, biochemists, molecular biologists and botanists. The corporate philosophy is reflected in the brand claim: “Knowledge creates beauty”. The results of the collaboration of the interdisciplinary scientific teams and the cooperations with renowned universities and leading scientific institutions have made BABOR Cosmetic the innovation leader in scientific beauty research.