With the new release 6.5 of AMID PR, the functionality of the online media library for press offices and agencies is further expanded. The web-based Media Asset Management of PressFile partner mediamid enables the central storage, editing and distribution of various media files such as images, video and audio files, PDFs or DTP files. Simultaneous work with multiple media files in particular is now made easier. In addition, the data can now be grouped better. The PR Media Library Amid PR 6.5, for example, allows information on events, products and people to be recorded in a structured manner in content objects. It also makes searching for specific content more convenient.

PR media library with YouTube connection

In addition, YouTube videos can now be embedded and thus integrated into the online media library. The metadata from YouTube is also transferred and can then be edited in AMID PR.

Using the new multi-selection function, objects can simply be selected and then placed in the shopping cart or lightbox in a batch. With the help of the new collective processing, it is also possible to change the marked files across the board, for example, to assign them to new topic nodes or to assign uniform keywords for the search.

Integrated processes with PressFile and AMID PR

In mediamid ‘s media asset management system AMID PR, all publications can be managed in addition to press images, audios, videos, graphics or office files – whether print, radio or TV. They can also be uploaded via the interface to the PR software PressFile and thereby linked to all necessary meta information such as editor, medium, editorial address, media response or coverage. Using PressFile’s press review function, the clippings can then be selected by publication date or media type and automatically compiled as a ZIP file including a clipping list for the corresponding reports. Unlike press images, audio or videos, clippings are stored in a separate area to which only authorized users have access, thus avoiding copyright infringements from the outset.