Conventional press and news sites usually have to be laboriously fed via content management systems that are not really designed for this purpose. With the new multimedia newsroom AMID News, mediamid, partner of PressFile, now offers a solution that optimally supports the distribution of media information including all multimedia content such as press photos, videos, original sounds or graphics.

Merge all data

All elements belonging to a press release such as text, images, documents or contact persons are captured and uploaded via a single window. AMID News automatically generates ZIP files that can be downloaded directly or collected in the download center. All media content and documents are displayed as previews below the respective press text and can thus also be selected and downloaded individually. In this way, it is possible to publish extensive press kits with AMID News, which contain a large number of images and documents. The newsroom can be integrated into the company’s own website as a stand-alone portal and is based on the mediamid M@RS newsroom, which was developed for Daimler AG’s Global Media Site(

Cloud-based and easy to use

AMID News is cloud-based, easy to integrate into the existing Internet presence of companies or PR agencies and can be put into operation within a very short time. In contrast to the M@RS newsroom, which can also be integrated into complex corporate structures via very extensive functionalities and interfaces, AMID News is deliberately set up as an easy-to-use variant of this large solution. This means that all the essential requirements for a central online newsroom can be covered by companies or PR agencies – and without any major implementation or training effort.

Full newsroom functionality

At the same time, AMID News also offers the functionalities of its “big brother” M@RS Newsroom: All news appear chronologically sorted on the Newsroom start page, additional navigation by individual topics is also possible. The six most recent messages are each displayed as a slideshow with the image motif, headline/subhead and date; the other messages are then displayed as individual tiles below this. In accordance with the multimedia claim, the image motifs always appear prominently. In addition, the number of image motifs and documents belonging to the respective news is displayed directly on the start page at the foot of each tile. All important social media links can be integrated, and functions such as subscribing to the news page are also available.

Like the PR software PressFile or the media library AMID PR, AMID News is also offered as a rental model, in which all updates and upgrades are already included.

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About PressFile
PressFile Europe, based in Ulm, Germany, was founded in 2009 as a sales organization for the web-based version of the US PR software PressFile. In 2011, the company took over full responsibility for the further development of the application, which was delivered for the first time in March 2012 as PressFile V8. In addition to numerous PR agencies, PressFile was also able to convince many press offices of well-known companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland of the solution, including Rossmann Drogeriemärkte, MairDumont, Trianel or Salzburg AG. PressFile was originally developed as PR software on behalf of the New York Public Library on the basis of the FileMaker database system. This version is still used today by numerous US companies, including Time Inc, Sony or FileMaker itself.