Keep control

Address publishers, news agencies, clipping services: all these companies today offer solutions for press work. The problem: Once installed, you remain tied to the respective provider. And you have no direct influence on data maintenance. In addition, oftentimes you are allowed to use the data only to a limited extent. If you cancel the subscription, you will not be able to take the data with you.

Stay independent

PressFile ensures independence here: Only the data you actually work with is transferred to PressFile. It doesn’t matter where this data comes from. They can be self-researched editorial addresses or selections from editorial databases: It doesn’t matter because you determine which data is imported into PressFile and which is not. In addition, you can also manage and address your customers, suppliers, colleagues or friends of the company at any time via PressFile.

GDPR compliant

Especially in the context of the European General Data Protection Regulation GDPR, it is important to manage personal data cleanly. In an emergency, you need to prove what you communicated to whom and when. You must also comply with the request for deletion. However, this only works if you are also a master of your own data.

And if you don’t want to work with PressFile anymore, you can export your data at any time and continue using it with another solution.