An international solution

PressFile Europe, based in Ulm, was founded in 2009 as a sales organization for the web-based version of the US PR software PressFile. In 2011, the company also took full responsibility for the further development of this version, which was first delivered in March 2012 as pressfile V8. Today, PressFile usedworldwide, throughout the German-speaking countries as well as in Ireland or the USA. International companies such as the Zumtobel Group also rely on PressFile.

In addition to numerous PR agencies, PressFile was able to convince many press offices of well-known companies, including Rossmann drugstores, Trianel, NetCologne, or Bene AG. For more references, see the „Use Cases“ category.

Developed for the New York Public Library

PressFile was originally developed in 1998 as a PR software on behalf of the New York Public Library on the basis of the database system FileMaker. This version is still in use by many U.S. companies, including Time Inc., Sony, and FileMaker itself. The development of the web-based version followed in 2004. Since 2009, both versions have been marketed independently of each other.