In Braunschweig and Berlin, the team of wirDesign with around 70 employees takes on tasks such as brand management, corporate design and corporate communication as well as reporting from various customers professionally. This includes workshops on the topic of branding. The creative agency has been in existence since 1983 and is one of the top 10 largest corporate design agencies in Germany. In addition to the main activities, press work “on its own behalf” also plays an essential role. However, this was not always the case: in the initial phase, internal PR and agency marketing were also supervised by the boards of directors, sporadically with external PR support. But as the list of clients grew longer and the agency grew, the demand for continuous, effective PR for both their own interests and those of customers grew. Today, press officer Anita Lüder-Bugiel is responsible for the holistic ‘Corporate Communication’ of wirDesign and relies on the PR CRM system PressFile.

PR CRM for Public Relations and Public Relations

Eight years have passed since she was hired. From the very beginning, she knew what it took to make her press activities efficient and effective: “Shortly after joining wirDesign, I created a PR wish list in which I documented everything that my work in the contact management. Using these parameters, I set out to find a suitable software that met my requirements,” said Anita Lüder-Bugiel when asked about the approach to finding a PR CRM solution. “After extensive research and some user examples later, I was able to obtain three offers. It has to be said that there are few providers in this area. It quickly became clear that PressFile offers the right price-performance ratio for us. Shortly after the first telephone conversation with Florian Fischer, the demo material for the software reached us. To date, we are completely satisfied with PressFile and customer service – as our eight years of cooperation impressively demonstrate,” continues Lüder-Bugiel.

Cheat list from Anita Lüder-Bugiel’s wish list:

Requirements for the processing of press cont acts: Simple data import, e.g. from Excel or other external databases, as well as detailed and clear contact information – these include: salutation, medium, editing, contact options, notes, automatic contact history, linking to clippings or selection options and many more. Requirements for press delivery: I ndividualized and automatic e-mail sending including attachment function (PDF, image material) as well as the recording of soft or hard bounce. It is also important to ensure that sent e-mail does not end up in the spam folder of the addressees.

Press management – from database to distributor to clipping

Organizationally, the PR-CRM PressFile for the core PR processes of usDesign is indispensable. For example, internal target groups – including freelance editors, political multipliers or event providers such as the Chamber of Commerce or various marketing clubs – are created on a web-based scale and sorted into different distributors. “PressFile enables simple process control when automatically and individually sending a press release to different addressees. At the same time, I regularly receive absence notes and can use the return rehosts to precisely adjust the distributors – exchange contacts, update or delete them.” wedesign works with distributors that have up to 180 contacts. In one example, Lüder-Bugiel further explains: “In exchange with the trade magazine ‘Page’, I always document all relevant information – such as the last contact, appointments or publication dates. Since notes can also be added to PressFile under each created contact, the information is sorted and assigned from the outset. At the same time, they are stored in my iCalender and I stay up to date at any time.”

PressFile and Service

After eight years and good cooperation, the PR CRM solution PressFile has become an integral part of internal PR processes at wirDesign and in Anita Lüder-Bugiel’s words: “PressFile is a useful online or tool-based service for us to press contacts and broadcasts. In addition, customer support is handled directly, without major delays and essentially uncomplicated.” In one example: “Some time ago, there was a delay in sending appointments. Florian Fischer and I found that the press releases from wirDesign (as the only PressFile customer!) are still sent via the PressFile mail server – after an exchange with our IT expert, we changed this quickly and easily,” Anita Lüder-Bugiel explains her personal experience with the service of PressFile.

Would you recommend PressFile?

“I definitely recommend PressFile. Especially when it comes to the time-consuming press work around the storage of contacts, distribution and the sending of press releases.” Anita Lüder-Bugiel

weDesign communication AG

weDesign is a creative brand agency and belongs to the top 10 of the largest corporate design agencies in Germany. With around 70 employees at the Locations braunschweig and Berlin, we develop, implement and support design branding, corporate design and communication projects for companies operating nationally and internationally. With around 15 annual business and sustainability reports, the agency is one of the most prestigious addresses in Germany. weDesign was founded in 1983 by eight design students in Braunschweig and is still independent and owner-managed.