One window, a few mouse clicks, and you can master all processes of your press work.

Press Releases personally and directly via e-mail or letter

Reach a dozen or a thousand contacts. Simple. Quickly. Personally.

Within the B2C and B2B public relations it’s important to always remain flexible: use the form of communication preferred by your press contact. And do your releases with a few clicks:

  • You can create personalized e-mails with personal greeting, fully formatted in HTML, and send it with or without file attachment - also automatically and scheduled.
  • Personal letters or labels can be processed flexible.
  • Create your target group with just a few clicks: combining and optimizing distribution lists is a matter of seconds.

And: you always know, who, how and when you contacted. Because the PR software PressFile is documenting all your communication - seamlessly.

Individually formatted e-mails will be sent personalized - via your personal e-mail account