One window, a few mouse clicks, and you can master all processes of your press work.

Web-based media asset management system


The communications software provides in addition to the storage of clippings the convenient management of all media data. Whether press photos, graphics, or audio and video files, with AMID PR you can handle your media files via a simple Web browser. You can find images with specific content trough keywords and by this answer all requests with a few clicks. Press images and other media data can be provided to the editor directly available as download.

AMID PR can be used both internally as media asset management, as well as an open media portal that allows guest access to individual files. This way editors can simply and independently choose from a variety of media content.

PR agencies can also "share" AMID PR with their customers. This entails only a client-specific user, with which the customer has access to "his" media files. Other customers don’t get access to this data. An inexpensive and simple introduction to the topic media asset management, with witch the AMID PR can also be a customer retention tool.

Press photos and more: editors can find the right images in AMID PR