One window, a few mouse clicks, and you can master all processes of your press work.

Contacts with history: the basis for good public relations

Share Information with your team

Press File documents all activities with each of your contacts - the basis for successful relationship management, but also for reports and evaluations.

The PR software PressFile holds not only press releases, but also all press activities in a contact history. You can document your work and your successes: capture and archive all contacts, such as phone calls, e-mails, notes or conversations. E-mails are also archived in full text and audit proof.

All information are available to the entire team and always up to date. This way the team is always informed, which press representatives were contacted when, how, why and by whom.

Create short or detailed reports. Assemble in a simple way media or call logs, print them out or save them in Word or Excel format.

Comprehensively documented: who has been contacted when, how and by whom