One window, a few mouse clicks, and you can master all processes of your press work.

Clipping management, pictures and more:

Manage clippings and media data

With the PR software PressFile you can manage your publications efficiently. In clipping management, you enter a lot of additional information, such as media coverage, range, location and size of the article or equivalent values and create the appropriate reports.

PressFile makes documentation of the success of the press relations simple: with the clipping report you can create clipping lists, export them and process them with programs such as Microsoft Excel® or Numbers.

At the same time you can also upload the scanned clippings in PDF format with all information stored directly into our web-based media asset management system AMID PR and create press reviews. Any changes, that are made in PressFile, are automatically synchronized with AMID PR, so that the clippings are always in both systems on the same status.

Know what's going on: create clippings, evaluate and manage them in Media Asset Management