One window, a few mouse clicks, and you can master all processes of your press work.

AMID News: The Newsroom for every Content

The AMID Newsroom supports the distribution of media information including all multimedia content such as press photos, videos, original sounds or graphics. Thus, all elements belonging to a press text, such as text, images, documents or contact persons, can be entered and uploaded via a single window. AMID News automatically generates ZIP files, which can be made available either for direct download of the materials or for collection in the Download Center.

All media content and documents are displayed as previews below the respective press release and can thus be selected and downloaded individually. In this way it is also possible to publish extensive press kits containing a large number of images and documents with AMID News. The newsroom can be integrated as a self-sufficient portal into the own internet presence and is based on the mediamid M@RS newsroom, which was developed for the Global Media Site of Daimler AG -

AMID News was deliberately designed as an easy-to-use version of this large solution. Like the PR software PressFile or the AMID PR media library, AMID News is also offered as a rental model, which already includes all updates and upgrades.