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Opinion Tracker

Do you also have the impression of drowning in news from the web, and missing out on the most important information? The social media monitoring tool Opinion Tracker will take this worry off of your shoulders. The Opinion Tracker tacks on to your topics and interests – in online and social media, on Facebook and Twitter.

See on one click, how your topics are developing, what persons matter and what opinions are spread.

Opinion Tracker is aggregating approximately three million articles every day from more than 50,000 news sources on the web and over 800,000 social media sources, such as blogs and forums, Twitter and Facebook. This information can be easily managed by self-created tracks. The simple handling and a daily status update e-mail make it easy to keep track.

You can also directly initiate a track via a press release from PressFile, in which you include the Opinion Tracker. The results can be archived in the form of PDF reports in PressFile and AMID PR.

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