Become personal

With PressFile, you can address each contact individually and personally. It doesn’t matter whether you are writing to a distributor with 10 or with hundreds of contacts. With PressFile, you don’t send bulk mail through any mail server. PressFile generates a single mail for each contact. The mail is sent via your personal mail account, so that your counterpart knows from whom the mail originates. Of course, we take data security seriously and attach the utmost importance to it and data protection in accordance with the GDPR.

Flexible communication

Whether it’s B2C or B2B public relations, it’s important to stay flexible: Take advantage of the form of communication that your press contact prefers. And get your mailings done with just a few clicks of the mouse:

  • You can send personalized emails with personal salutation fully formatted in HTML with and without file attachment – also automatically and terminated.
  • Personal letters or labels can be flexibly assembled.
  • You can put together your target groups with just a few mouse clicks: Creating, combining and optimizing press distributors is done in a matter of seconds.

And: you always know who you contacted, how, when and why. The PR software PressFile documents all your communication – without any gaps.