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Become personal: Only lived contacts are good contacts

Communicate only with relevant contacts

With PressFile you can address accurately only the contacts, that you want to reach currently and with specific topics. That's why we don’t provide you with PressFile ten thousands of media addresses from all over the world, but only hold the editorial contacts with whom you actually work. Whether you have your own contacts or you need new contacts, we can help you prepare and import the data.

We import your existing contacts to PressFile in distribution lists. The sources of the address data are of secondary importance: Outlook, Excel, MS Access or address provider like Stamm, Zimpel, Medienhandbuch Österreich or Argus Schweiz. On request, we also provide new addresses - relevant and carefully selected.

Instead of gathering every time data from the „quarry“ of an directory publisher, you can work in PressFile with „your“ data and supplement it as you like. This increases the quality in communication. For contacts should always be personal.

Personal contacts are the most valuable