Press distributors made to measure

With PressFile, you can easily and individually create press distributors, blogger lists or other distributors based on names, addresses, keywords, contacts, departments or other criteria. The PR software allows you to add or update distributors at any time. Once a distributor is created, you can send personalized e-mails, write letters, print labels or make detailed address lists to all or selected contact persons of that distributor.

Communicate in a sharp manner for the target group

The individual distributors can be easily and quickly found and grouped in the right column via the filter or search function of the Public Relations software. It is possible to bring together several press distributors – to “mix” them together. This allows you to create new mailing lists for your current press release on an ad-hoc basis. The respective selection is displayed transparently in the middle column.

Your data is your capital

In PressFile you manage your most valuable capital: your own contact details! The address data can come from own sources, but also from publishers such as Zimpel or Stamm and are imported directly into the PR software. On request, we can also provide you with editorial addresses. What we do not offer is a direct interface to an external address database. We want you to keep control of your own data.