Your Media Showcase

In addition to the storage of clippings, the PR software offers convenient management for all media data. Whether they’re press images, graphics or audio and video files, with AMID PR you make all your media data available online. Editors can easily and independently choose from a wide range of media content. An image similarity search immediately provides other suitable motifs, which either have a comparable image structure and color space or are provided with the same keywords. You can also control access via a shopping cart function.

Social media integration

In addition to the possibility to recommend images or other media content directly via e-mail, these can now also be shared or liked via social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, XING or Google+.

Easy management

You have all your media data under control via a simple web browser. Using keywords, you can find the images with specific content and can answer all requests with a few mouse clicks.

Customer loyalty tool for agencies

PR agencies can also “share” AMID PR with their customers. Only a customer-specific user is required, with which the customer gets access to “his” media files. These remain closed to other customers. A cost-effective and easy entry into the topic of media asset management, with which AMID PR can also become a customer loyalty tool.