Know what you’ve done

To whom was the press release sent? When was the last time we were in contact with this editor and what was the topic? How many publications have been released in this medium? Thanks to the PR software PressFile you have an up-to-date overview of all activities of the entire team at any time. All entries documented in the contact history can be evaluated according to various points of view.

Variable Reports

You can immediately view the results as an HTML page or export them to Microsoft Excel® for further processing. You can also generate a new distributor from the result which is especially useful if you need to understand a complex press release.

Showing success

Due to the Clipping Report, these evaluation options are also available for all recorded publications. You can sort by different media types, such as print or online, and simply hide unnecessary information. And via the MEDIA library AMID PR you can compile and print selections directly as press reviews.