Current contacts

PressFile is not an address database that has tens of thousands of contacts in stock, whether you need them or not. With PressFile, you are targeting only the contacts that you want to reach up-to-date and topic-specific. That’s why we only record the editorial contacts you actually work with. This concerns existing data or if you need new contacts: We support you in data processing and transfer. On request, we can also provide you with new addresses  which are thematically and carefully selected before you get them. In this case we work with a renowned address publisher.

Target group-oriented

We import your existing contacts into PressFile. It is of secondary importance from which sources the address data originates: Outlook, Excel, MS Access or address suppliers such as root. On request, we can also provide you with new addresses – again: thematically and carefully selected.

It’s your data

Do you want to be able to collect press distributors each time from the data “quarry” of an address book publisher or even use them only via a rental? In PressFile you always work with YOUR own data and can also add to it as desired. This increases the quality of communication. Contacts should always be personal.

Keep control

According to GDPR rules, you must be able to demonstrate how you use personal data at any time. With PressFile, you can make this documentation possible with the simple touch of a button. Additionally you always know who is responsible for data maintenance. With data they only rent, it becomes difficult.