Contact management fast and easy

Whether it’s B2C or B2B-PR: All the information about your press contacts is available by pressing a single button in the browser window, no matter where you are. One click is all and you have access to phone numbers, email addresses or other information you need right now. This includes, for example, social media profiles or pages. Any change is immediately available to the entire team, even if the colleagues are on the move, working at other locations or in the home office.

Accurately identify contacts

Each contact can be individually classified using keywords, for example by subject, industry, media type or other individually definable criteria. This makes it possible to quickly select contacts according to individual criteria or topics, for example to set up a new press distributor. Or you can simply search for all contacts that have something to do with topics like “Automotive”, “Perfume” or “Computer Games”.

Keeping order

The public relations software PressFile also makes cleaning up easy: duplicates, incomplete data sets and inactive contacts are all kept in order due to”housekeeping” functions.