Puls PR optimizes daily press work using PressFile

With her agency Puls PR, Melanie Prüsch is active in topics such as house building, renovation, kitchen and bathroom as well as interior design and supports clients such as Küppersbusch Hausgeräte GmbH, an internationally active supplier of premium kitchen appliances. She manages her contacts with the PR software PressFile. Previously, she relied on tools such as Excel and Outlook. "This approach was unsatisfactory and tedious," she recalls. That's why she was looking for a "serious software solution" on the Internet for contact management, mailing management and the sending of press information. In total, three suppliers were shortlisted, but in the end the web-based solution convinced PressFile.

Significant efficiency gain

Until the time for sending a press release, Melanie Prüsch had to search the extensive contact database of an address publisher for contact persons to set up a new mailing list. She then exported the data to an Excel spreadsheet and then started shipping via Outlook. In the end, the mailing had to be entered manually in the Excel list in order to be able to understand what she had communicated with which editor and when. With the help of PressFile, it now works much more efficiently. Because new distributors can be assembled with just a few clicks. Sending press information via personalized emails is now done in minutes. The documentation of the contacts is also significantly facilitated: In the contact history, the outgoing mails are automatically recorded and can thus be transparently tracked for each contact. And the contacts that Melanie Prüsch has organized in different mailings remain up-to-date with little effort: If, for example, the e-mail address of a contact person changes, it only needs to be changed centrally once, even if this contact is in several press distributors.

Good support for PR software

In addition to the ease of use, Melanie Prüsch at PressFile is particularly impressed by the support: "The telephone introduction worked perfectly, but questions usually only arise when you work with the PR software. The consultants are still available to me by phone for every small problem. That's a good service for me."


About Puls
PR After working for such well-known companies as Grohe, Dornbracht, VIVA Fernsehen and Bijou Brigitte as a press officer for about 20 years, Melanie Prüsch set up her own business in July 2010 and founded the PR agency Puls PR. The agency, based in Bremerhaven, supports small and medium-sized enterprises in all aspects of press and public relations, including the brand's development and expansion. Puls PR acts as an external press office for various customers and is thus a daily contact for journalists. Melanie Prüsch also has extensive experience in the field of change management and accesses her network of freelancers if required.